Under the terms of the agreement, CBL receives an initial up-front payment and rights to milestone and royalty payments dependent on the successful completion of clinical trials and undisclosed sales targets respectively.

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CBL UK and Panacea Biotec, India sign Joint Venture and Licencing Agreement

Cambridge Biostability Limited (“CBL” or “Cambridge Biostability”), the UK’s pioneering developer of temperature-stable liquid vaccines and Panacea Biotec Ltd, the second largest vaccine producer in India., are pleased to announce that they have entered into a joint venture (“JV”) agreement.

Under the terms of the JV, Panacea Biotec has taken a 10% stake in Cambridge Biostability, for a total consideration of £1.935m.

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Cambridge Biostability has developed the technology to create thermo-stable liquid vaccines, either in single or multivalent forms. Using pioneering, patented methods, vaccines can now be transported anywhere and administered immediately without refrigeration or re-constitution. 

This remarkable development is achieved through the production of glass microspheres containing stabilised vaccine. These microspheres float with neutral buoyancy in a liquid which cannot dissolve them but which is harmless upon injection.


When injected into the body, the glass spheres are simply dissolved by the body fluids and the active ingredients are released unchanged and unharmed. And because the microspheres are so highly polished they roll past each other extremely easily causing the suspension to behave as if it had no solid component whatsoever. Therefore there is no possibility of obstruction or jamming of the syringe during injection.

By producing glass microspheres whose densities are closely matched with that of the suspending liquid, the particles neither sink nor float and always remain in suspension, ready for immediate injection.

The potential is huge.

Vaccines that are known to be unstable or difficult to administer can be stabilised and stored in a liquid form ready for immediate use. Multivalent vaccines can be produced to protect patients against many different diseases in one dose. Multi-component vaccines can be developed for biodefence use and stockpiled for many years.

The same technology can be applied to a wide range of drugs that normally need to be refrigerated.  The technology continues to develop.  New discoveries at Biostability have opened up the possibility of slow release of vaccine in the body to prolong the stimulation of immunity.  This has the potential to eliminate or reduce the number of booster injections which are currently required to generate full immunity.

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