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About Us

Innovations in technology can revolutionise the way people live their lives.

This thought is at the heart of Cambridge Biostability's drive to change the way vaccines and drugs are made, stored and delivered worldwide.

But innovation does not stop in the laboratory. It is also seen in the way we conduct our business. Our vision to become the world's leading virtual vaccine and drug company, enabling and licensing our thermo-stable technology across the globe, is supported by our Third-World-First business strategy. One that commits us to delivering our technology first to those who need it the most.

Cambridge Biostability is a privately held company founded in 1998 with a combination of investor funding and project financing.

Based on the prestigious Cambridge Science Park in Cambridge, England, the company has a portfolio of patents and is entering into a number of agreements to licence and provide outsourced production of thermo-stable liquid vaccines and drugs.

Development programmes are underway to stabilise vaccines for measles, pentavalent childhood vaccines, multivalent botulinum and anthrax vaccines. These projects are largely grant funded by relevant UK and US Government agencies and are being undertaken with collaborators who have the requisite complementary skills.

Cambridge Biostability has already stabilised many common vaccines. The technology has also been proven with a number of different pharmaceuticals, including erythropoietin, monoclonal antibodies, insulin and recombinant growth hormones.

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